Magy’s Shabbat Torah Study Blog–Parashat Bo 5772–Be a part of the community!

Funny, you don’t look Jewish. Well, what does that even mean? How about acting Jewish? Now you’re talking—acting with the highest moral and ethical values, striving for peace, social justice, caring for others, with reverence for God and respect for all. There are many kinds of Jews. No, not orange, apple and grape (maybe mango). How did there come to be so many types and varieties, colors, shapes and sizes? Are we not all B’nai Yisrael? 70 went down into Egypt. 210 years later, 600,000 of their progeny left. Perhaps they all did look the same. We are also told that another 2.4 million left Egypt with them—the mixed multitude, the “Erev Rav.” Exodus 12:38. But who were these 2.4 million who were added to the Jewish people? More of them than us? Wait. Maybe I am one of them. Whose idea was it to allow them to become part of the Jewish people? How were we integrated? How were laws applied differently to MOTs and FFBs than to the Erev Rav? What does this mean for our sense of community? How different are our concerns now than ever? Do we make the rules or have others made them for us? This week we learn with Rabbi Jason Miller teaching on an important topic that has vexed, perplexed and been the source of Midrash and conjecture for centuries—the Erev Rav–“Defining the Jewish Community: Who’s In and Who’s Out.” 10:00 a.m. This week we learn in the Rosenberg “Glass” Conference Room. Shabbat Shalom, Paul

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  1. It was a great honor to teach my Torah at Adat Shalom Synagogue on this particular Shabbat. There was a wonderful flow of ideas and I learned much more than I taught. When 40 people gather to learn parshat hashavuah on a Shabbat morning, it’s a true bracha (blessing) to our Jewish people.

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