Paul Magy’s Shabbat Torah Study Blog 8th Day of Passover 5772–Yizkor–Refinement, Honored Traditions and Memory

Many people use this time between Passover and Shavuot—Sefirat HaOmer as a time for personal reflection and refinement. After all, the Midrash tells us that B’nai Yisrael was at the lowest level of degradation in slavery, almost beyond recovery, they nevertheless refined themselves and merited receiving the Torah—just 7 weeks after the Exodus! The Yizkor memorial prayers that we offer on the 8th day of Passover help me in that process of refinement. I vividly recall the memory of my parents at our Sedarim. I recall how important our Passover observance was and our preparations too. I know that it is my responsibility to make sure that their grandchildren get the message and treasure it as well.

What a blessing for those who can still bring a smile to their parents’ faces in this world.  For those of us whose parents only live through the good deeds of their children, the Yizkor prayers merge the two concepts of tradition and memory. As we prepare to put away our Passover things for another year, it is almost as if this year’s visit home is coming to an end. Yizkor on the 8th day of Passover allows us to say farewell for another year and thank them for the gift of our traditions. If your parents still live, hug them. If not, say Kaddish for them.

We will not have our traditional Torah Study this week because of Yizkor and the special attention that we will be giving to the Song of Songs—Shir HaShirim. It will be a real treat and one not to be missed. Here is a sample of what you will hear from our very own Hazzan Gross and some of our very talented members:

Moadim L’simchah, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Yontiff and Chag Sameyach,


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