Measuring Up to Your Potential–Parshat Chukat 5772–Adat Shalom Shabbat Torah Study–Rabbi Aaron Bergman

The Torah heroes of the Jewish people distinguish themselves by their humanness—that they are not examples of perfection nor do they pretend to be. In that way, each of our heroes can be someone we could actually aspire to emulate. Each one of us has a God given potential. We are not measured against anyone but our own potential. In Chukat we read what some consider to be one of the great injustices in the Torah. Moshe is prohibited from entering Eretz Yisrael—because he struck the rock? Books have been written to help explain what Moshe did that was so wrong, why it was so wrong, what the punishment meant  and why the punishment may have fit the crime. How about that God expected more from Moshe? What does God expect from us? God does not hold us to Moshe’s standard. God only holds us to the standard of which we are capable. What if you really are capable of Moshe’s potential?

This Shabbat we learn with Rabbi Aaron Bergman in Adat Shalom’s Shiffman Chapel  at 10:00 a.m.

Shabbat Shalom,


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