Pinchas 5772–Paul Magy’s Shabbat Torah Study in the D at Adat Shalom–Leadership Leads

The stress and pressure of quality leadership can be daunting. It is only manageable because of love and dedication for the mission, the purpose or the people. Knowing that you are leading people in  a positive direction that will help them in this world and the next is rewarding  beyond measure and also difficult to give up. Yet, a true leader is one who knows that their role or mission has not been fulfilled if they have not planned well for the future, identifying a successor to continue and carry on the important work still left to be done. When God tells Moshe in this week’s Parasha, that Moshe’s own life and journey is approaching its end, Moshe does ask God to appoint a leader to take his place.  We learn much from the description  of the leadership attributes that Moshe requests—someone who leads by example,  who is exemplary in their deeds, who says “follow me,” but most importantly who will guide the flock through thick and thin.

 The summer time experiment continues this Shabbat with a brief Torah discussion between aliyot, making the Torah reading really come alive and all in lieu of the regular sermon.  Last week’s Torah service was brilliant and this week’s promises to be even better. The Torah reading generally commences at approximately 10:00 a.m.  It is definitely worth a try.

 Shabbat Shalom,

 Paul Magy

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