Shabbat Ki Tavo 5772–Selichot–Adat Shalom Torah Study–Rabbi Rachel Shere- – God’s Treasured People Work to Have Quality Relationships

This week’s Parasha of Ki Tavo tells us much about the special relationship between God and the sacred people of Israel, the people God calls “Am segula”, God’s “treasured people.” (Devarim 26:18). The Torah outlines special guidelines related to the interrelationship between individuals and the scrupulous way we are to govern our behaviors.  The Rabbis tell us Rosh Hashanah affords a time for us to seek and obtain forgiveness for our deficiencies in our relationship with God. But to obtain forgiveness for deficiencies in our relationships with other humans, we must first approach those others. Our community has a special offering to help each of us in the efforts we all must make.

 The time honored tradition of Selichot among Ashkenazi Jews begins on the Saturday evening not less than 4 days before Rosh Hashanah begins. Yes, that means that this coming Saturday evening, September 8th  is Selichot. This year all of our sister conservative congregations are coming together as a community at Beth Ahm  with a special keynote speaker, licensed psychologist and prolific author  Leonard Felder, PhD. who will discuss “Entering the High Holy Days: How to Repair Your Toughest Relationships.”  Dr. Felder’s topic is especially relevant.  We are to walk in God’s ways (Devarim 28:9) and that includes having quality, respectful relationships with others. Refreshments are available from 9:00 p.m., Dr. Felder will speak at 9:30 p.m. and Selichot Services will follow at 10:30 p.m. The  promotional flyer can be found at Why not invite someone you love? Why not invite someone in a tough relationship?

 Join us at our Torah Study on Shabbat morning at 10:00 a.m. at Adat Shalom learning with Rabbi Shere and for Selichot at Beth Ahm Saturday night with Dr. Leonard Felder. On Monday, September 10th our Hazzan Gross will be teaching  Tekiah: Preparing Your Heart, Mind and Soul for the High Holidays–“Yamim Noraim – What’s so AWE-some about ’em?” I am certain that will be a great session too.

 What a blessing to have so many opportunities for self-improvement, especially at Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur time. 

Shabbat Shalom and Shanah Tovah! 


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