Ha’azinu 5773–Shabbat Torah Study at Adat Shalom–Listen Carefully to Ruth Bergman

Yom Kippur gave me a renewed sense of connection with God and the wisdom of our sages built on the Torah. I hope it did for you as well. 

Rabbi Bergman’s “Ask The Rabbi” session on Yom Kippur afternoon was an incredible demonstration of the joyfulness with which our heritage can be learned and appreciated.  Rabbi Shere’s healing service immediately thereafter created opportunities for personal revelation and the value of holding Torah close to you. Our Ne’eilah Service was so inspirational with the time to personally approach the open Aron Kodesh, our symbol of the sha’arey rachamim—the gates of mercy. Chazzan Gross, there are not words to express how your davening transported the prayers of our congregation and caused them to ascend straight to Shamayim. These are just some of the examples of our spiritual connection in our Adat Shalom home. 

We get ready to begin the Torah reading cycle anew. This Shabbat at 10:00 a.m. Ruth Bergman teaches us this week. She calls her study,  “It is not an empty thing.” She says, “This week’s Parasha contains Israel’s past, present and future.  Despite the rocky path ahead, says Moses, future redemption and security await the Jewish people.  This poem-Parasha is the last Parasha we read as a weekly Torah portion–the last Parasha, V’zot habracha, is read on Simchat Torah, but not as part of the Torah portion cycle.  Perhaps we never really finish reading the Torah because we never finish with Torah–Torah is not an empty thing, but it is a hard thing, and the more we study, the more we understand.” 

This Sunday evening begins Sukkot too. There is a special mitzvah for Sukkot to truly rejoice. This is considered THE holiday. Try and find a way to make this one special! Adat Shalom has a beautiful sukkah decorated by our children, creating a special experience and memory for each to carry with them.  Join us in the Sukkah for Kiddush. 

Adat Shalom has many opportunities for learning. Check out Adat Shalom’s web site for up to date information. http://www.adatshalom.org/  Please especially note the Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah schedule. We have so much cause for celebration. It is especially fun to do it together. Monday night, October 8th shuld be awesome.

 Shabbat shalom and chag sameyach,


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