Parshat VaYigash 5773–Shabbat Torah Study–All for the best

In this week’s Parasha, after a long buildup, we experience the climax of the Joseph story. Joseph finally reveals himself after the drama of the Benjamin/chalice frame up and seeing that Judah and his brothers have changed. Joseph has the most exquisite opportunity to really give it to his brothers after what they did to him and to their father. rHe could have shown them how his dreams of leadership and superiority had come true. Perhaps the youthful and immature Joseph would have done just that and given them the “I told you so” of their lives. Perhaps that Joseph would have seen to his brothers’ punishments and made slaves of them. The older, wiser and more mature Joseph does none of those things. Instead, he quietly reveals himself, asking only of his father Yaakov’s well-being and assures the brothers that what happened was God’s will; part of Her plan. Yes, the brothers sold Joseph into slavery, but that was what was supposed to happen. The brothers did not realize that they were propelling Joseph to Viceroy status in Egypt and helping save the known world from famine when they sold him. Look at Joseph now! What a wonderful message for us. Let us look for the good in everything that happens. Let us look for opportunities in every situation so that what might be perceived as bad can truly be said to be all for the best. Easier said than done? Perhaps. Worth a try? Definitely.

For our Torah Study this Shabbat, Rabbi Rachel Shere leads us at 10:00 a.m. in the Youth lounge.

Shabbat Shalom,


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