Shabbat Chanukah/Miketz 5773–Don’t wait for the miracle…Make the miracle–Shabbat Torah Study

Here is a riddle. If the cruse of oil was going to last one day anyway, wasn’t the miracle only 7 days? Why then do we celebrate for 8? We learn that we must take the first steps. It is the zeal and faith of the Maccabees that we celebrate. They did not know that the oil would last for 8 days. They believed that the light in the Holy Temple should be lit as soon as they could light it. They seized the moment for God and Torah. They created the environment for the miracle to occur and we celebrate that.

Some may tell us that our dreams are impossible. Some may tell us that others have failed and so will we. The message of Chanukah is try and to never give up in the fight for what is right, to always look for opportunities to bring light to the darkness, to lead in the efforts of good so that others will follow. The Maccabees teach us: Don’t wait for the miracle. Make the miracle.

Ruth Bergman leads our Torah Study this coming Shabbat. Like the candles (or olive oil) on your Chanukah Menorah, I am sure it will be enlightening. 10:00 a.m. in the Youth lounge. Give yourself a Chanukah present. Go to the Torah study.

Have a great Shabbat Chanukah.


P.S. Would someone please send me a note Friday afternoon to remind me that we light the Chanukah candles BEFORE the Shabbat candles Friday evening? For some reason I keep forgetting.

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