Shabbat Vayashev–Erev Chanukah 5773–Shabbat Torah Study–Happy Chanukah!

Just as this Shabbat ends, our joyous festival of Chanukah will begin. What does Chanukah mean to you? What childhood memories do you have of it? What memories might you have of it with your children? Grandchildren? Extended family? Unlike the Shabbat candles that have been traditionally lit by the ladies of the house, on Chanukah, each person is encourage to light their own Chanukiya (Chanukah Menorah). As a child in my house growing up, we all lit the same Chanukiya, but we did it all together. It was important that we stood and sang together as a family. That sometimes meant waiting until my father came home to light the candles and it was not always right at sundown (in fact, usually long after), but it was important to be together. We would turn off the lights to exaggerate the brightness of the flames as they flickered and danced on the colorful candles. I can still hear the voices of my parents (z”l) singing with us. Chanukah has always meant lights, love and harmony to me, banishing darkness and hatred from our world.

In many ways, what we do at Adat Shalom is also just that. Our Rabbis, Hazzan and educators generously give and share incredible knowledge and wisdom that brings light to a world that can seem daunting and dark at times. Our Shabbat Torah Study is just a tiny part of the offerings at Adat Shalom. It is great to be a part of our Adat Shalom family.

May you enjoy your Shabbat and a wonderful Chanukah surrounded by light and love,


P.S. Rabbi Shere leads us in our Torah Study this Shabbat. I am sure you will find it enlightening. 10:00 a.m.

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