Shabbat Vayechi 5773–May You Be Blessed

The book of Genesis is filled with stories of blessings and birthrights—giving them, selling them, earning them, and losing them. VaYechi includes Jacob blessing his sons as well as Joseph’s. Some of the blessings are startling, prophetic and motivational. Blessings can have many purposes. Most important is that they signal love, care and concern. This week’s Parasha contains the words we recite as we begin to bless our children “…Yesimcha Elokim k’Efrayim v’cheMenashe….” What a message we send when we bless our children! How they will always recall the love we show them; the sincere, emotional, Jewish, soulful, tradition laden touch of parents’ hands on the beautiful heads of our children with the prayer that they will one day do the same for their children under God’s watchful eye in happiness, good health and peace. Just the demonstration of a parents’ love is a blessing for that child and the ability to give a blessing is something that we must always be thankful for. We are taught to bless others and in that way be blessed. May it always be so for you.

This week’s Torah Study will conducted as part of our Shabbat Service which will be held in the Shiffman Chapel. Our regular Torah study begins again next week.

May you and your family be blessed in the secular new year just as you are blessed in the year 5773.

Shabbat Shalom,


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