Parshat Korach 5773 –Shabbat Torah Study–Don’t Argue About It!

Do Jews ever argue? With the popular expression—“2 Jews, 3 opinions” or “The only thing 2 Jews can agree on is how much money the third Jew should give to charity,” it seems clear that even we perceive ourselves as susceptible to makhloket (disputes). Certainly arguments have their place. We have many ethical teachings on the subject. Our Rabbis use this week’s Parasha as its basis. Korach challenges Moses’ power and authority. Moses is known as and is even called by God the “most humble man to have ever lived.” Yet Moses does not step down when challenged. Being humble does not mean being a pushover either. What are the bounds of propriety in an argument or dispute? The Torah values argumentation so long as it is L’shem Shamayim—for the sake of heaven, but what does that even mean?

Rabbi Aaron Bergman leads our Shabbat Torah Study at 10:00 a.m.
This is how he describes the Torah Study and it sounds great:
Rebellions against the government.
Tribal warfare.
Political maneuvering.
Professional and economic anxiety.
Today’s headlines or today’s Parasha?
It promises to be a great session.
Don’t argue with me about it. Just be there!
Shabbat Shalom,

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