Vayishlach 5774–SYNergy Shabbat at Adat Shalom–Live Your Judaism Proudly

As Jacob prepares to meet Esau, the Torah says that Jacob took his wives and his eleven sons across the river. Genesis 32:23. Benjamin was not born yet, so the reference to 11 sons was correct, but what of his daughter Dinah? The Midrash says that Jacob hid Dinah for fear that Esau would want and take her for himself (guess uncles married nieces in those days). The Rabbis criticize Jacob for hiding Dinah and Dinah for going along. Dinah could have been just the antidote for Esau’s evil. Instead of using her best efforts, she made none. Is there a lesson there for us? We are privileged to live and be Jews in a free country. We each have the ability to live proudly Jewish lives publicly and privately. In so doing, in actively demonstrating our pride in our Judaism, we have the ability to bring about positive change in a world desperately in need of Torah values.

This is a SYNergy Shabbat at Adat Shalom and Rabbi Sid Schwartz is our special guest. Shabbat morning will be a morning of choices and opportunities such as Torah Yoga and a special session on “Davening Out of the Box.”

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Shabbat shalom,


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