Parshat Pekudei 5776–Shabbat Torah Study–The First Building Fund

Moshe was the greatest fundraiser of all time. He was Chairman of the first Building Fund in Jewish history, constructing the Holy Tabernacle after Sinai. He actually risked collecting more than was needed. Rather than using that to begin the Tabernacle Endowment fund, once they had enough funds for actual costs of construction, he told the people to stop giving! Exodus 36:6. Most boards would want to make sure there was also a reserve fund for repair and maintenance expenses so that they would not have to increase dues later. Not Moshe. He had faith that the people would keep giving and kept dues at half a shekel for years. After the construction, Moshe also gave a complete accounting of every shekel (Exodus 38:21) because he feared that he had collected too much. No one doubted him, but Moshe set the gold standard for transparency and accountability in public office. His reward—100% affiliation rate.

This Shabbat we learn with Ruth Bergman on a subject related to this week’s Parasha—accountability: moral and financial. 9:45 a.m. in the Shiffman Chapel. Come as you are. Stay as long as you like.

Shabbat Shalom,


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