Shabbat Shira–Beshalach 5777–Shabbat Torah Study–The Time for Action Is Now

What are you waiting for? Is there something you want in your life, but there seem to be impediments in every direction? Is there something you see that bothers you terribly?

Think how the newly freed Hebrew slaves felt with the Red Sea (Yam Suf) before them and the Egyptian Army closing in from behind? They cried out to God. Do you ever do that?

There is a Midrash that God would not split the Sea until there was concrete action—moving forward based on faith. It was not until Nachshon, the Prince of Judah, waded in neck deep that God parted the waters. While others stood paralyzed before the waters of the sea in fear of Pharaoh’s approaching chariots, Nachshon took action.

God wants to help those who help themselves, who move forward with faith in the Almighty.

What are your goals? Can you move forward in the faith? Can you be a Nachshon? Don’t let anything hold you back!

Rabbi Rachel Shere leads this week’s Shabbat Torah Study at 9:45 a.m. Make a positive step forward. It will be great to see you there!

Have a great Shabbat!


P.S. This Shabbat is also known as Shabbat Shira because of the spontaneous expression of wonder and gratitude of B’nai Yisrael, singing in soulful harmony after the parting of Yam Suf. We will complete our study in time for the sermon and to be inspired in prayer by Hazzan Gross and our awesome choir during Musaf.

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